Monday, December 12, 2011

New opportunities

So I think I'm finally over the back to back sinus infections and the IT band / knee issues.  At least I hope I am.  I've been eating better lately, cutting back on soda and started a weight loss challenge on   My arms are still store from yesterdays workout and all it was was 2X 10 pushups, sit ups, shoulder presses, front shoulder press, bird dogs, and planks.  I guess that means I've got some work to do.  My run tonight was good as well.  I had a meal replacement smoothy for dinner with some added protein and that really held me over for the run.  I of course followed my run with some Accelerade.  I've got big plans coming up involving my health as well as my running since the two pretty much go hand in hand.  Sevrine and I are running a 5k on the 18th as well as the Midnight Madness 3 miler on New Year's Eve.  I love my kid!  How awesome is it that a 6 year old is actually excited to go run a race with me at midnight!?  Her big goal is that she wants to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon together.  I told her though that I wouldn't let her run it until she turned twelve.  Such a fun goal to have though!  Well, off to bed!  Happy Running!

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