Saturday, December 4, 2010

3 mile run

The run went okay this morning.  I signed up with Peak Training to help get me ready for my Half Marathon.  I have a fitness assessment tomorrow evening, but since we won't have time to do my 3 mile run tomorrow night, I got to do it today.  My instructions were to eat before (I hate eating before a run), and run the whole 3 miles at a comfortable pace, but no walking.  I used to sportband instead of my ipod and nike+, which may not have been the best decision, but I made it through the whole thing.  There were times in the run that I was thinking "on a normal day I would have walked here" if my legs were starting to get stiff.  I kept going though.  It's not my fastest 3 miles, but it is my fastest training run.  Normally I walk/run my training days.  Oh yeah, I even ate before I ran.  A half a bagel with cream cheese and some milk, so I could get enough protein.  My knee was feeling a little off for the last quarter mile, but the last half mile is at a decline.  For some reason my knee does not like going down hills.  I will need to figure something out for this since not all runs are completely flat.  So, my time was 34'22.  I did a .3 mile cool down and am feeling pretty decent.  I think some yoga and pilates is in order to get my knees feeling 100%.  Happy running!

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