Saturday, April 16, 2011

29 days

Today was my long run for the week. I had 7 on the schedule, but because of my route, ran 7.12, which is fine.  I got off to a late start because I was tired, then decided to load a gps running app onto my phone to track my run that way as well.  Instead of running at 6:30, like I should have, I didn't leave until about 8am.  I had some pain after my 5 mile run on Wednesday so wore my older nikes on my 2 mile Thursday run and the legs felt great.  Thinking that this was the shoes, I wore the nikes again on my 7 mile and this might not have been a great idea.  I had knee soreness for the entire run, and was reminded why I retired those shoes to begin with.  They're fine for short runs, but not for my long run.  Because of the heat, and some dehydration, I walked more of the run than I would like to have, but finished with a 10:00 pace.  Tomorrow is a rest/cross training day, so we'll see how things go.  We are getting so close now to the Half that I can almost taste it.

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