Sunday, November 7, 2010

Countdown to Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

Okay, so the decision to tackle a half marathon may seem a little bit crazy, but I think I need the challenge. A goal to set for myself.  It's also a great way to get out to the East Coast and spend some time with my little sister.  I can't wait.  I need to see how much money I can save up for my plane ticket and expenses, because I might want to bring Sevrine with me.  We'll have to see though.  Training begins officially tomorrow.  The plan right now is to run 3-4 training sessions a week, with cross-training on off days.  Some days I'll be doubling up with a run in the morning and yoga or pilates at night, but I'm optimistic that this will be a good plan to start with.  I didn't run that much last month, but have been at it all this week so far.  To get ready for 13.1 miles I'm going to start the couch to 5k program from week 5 or 6 until I get my legs back and then begin the bridge to 10k program which lasts 9 weeks.  Once I've completed that, I'll work right into my half marathon training to build up that distance.  It's gonna mean a lot of long runs, but I think it will definitely be worth it.  Can't wait to start.

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