Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veteran's Day 5k

The day started out with a really tired kid, then a tired and really cold kid, then a crying kid because she couldn't run the 5k with Mom, then a really happy kid crossing the finish line first of the walkers with her Grandma, then a happy kid cheering her Mom across the finish line.  Had a great morning though.  Oh yeah, a very nice National Guard Recruiter asked me out. lol  What an eventful day, and all before 9:30.  The official race results are Mom and Sevrine finish first out of the walkers (no posted time though) and me finishing in 32:41 (a minute faster than my last 5k).  This was my first race in a skirt and besides the cold it was awesome.  The compression socks were a total blessing, keeping my legs warm, the blood flowing and at the end of the race, my legs still felt fresh.  Have to give credit to for making sure my skirt made it in time for the race, and the camo was perfect for Veteran's Day.  Can't wait til the next race.

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