Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week One complete

I started the 10k training this week for the Nike + 10k coach.  Once I finish it, I will move on to the half marathon training.

Today was my long run.  I had to change the start date of this challenge/goal so the long run would fall on a weekend instead of on Thursday or Friday.  Week One's "long run" was 5 miles, my longest distance yet.  I broke it into a mix of running and walking so I wouldn't get too tired or try and do too much at once.  The goal is to finish a Half Marathon, not hurt myself before I even get the change to try.  There was a little bit of stiffness in my left knee and both hamstrings, but after doing some more reading, that might be because I didn't hydrate enough before my run.  I'm still learning all of this stuff.  The compression socks helped a lot, but the laces I bought for my shoes were too tight and my feet were getting tingly for the last 2 miles.  Gonna switch back to my old laces.  I've also decided that I need to stick to the same time every morning.  During the week I leave between 5 and 5:30 for my run and this morning I didn't leave until almost 7.  Will need to make sure I keep it consistent.  All in all it was a good training day, although I might regret taking Sevrine hiking this morning on top of the 5.11 mile run.  We'll see though.

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